Investing in your education is the best decision you’ll ever make. Learning new skills and specialized knowledge can transform your life. Now more than ever, higher education is accessible for those students who are ready for a job change or wanting to jump-start an entirely new career.

Key’s online Surgical First Assistant program is designed with the busy student in mind. Your time is focused on learning, not traveling or sitting in traffic. Online instruction is organized around your schedule. Read, review and study the course materials when it fits your schedule, because online lessons are available 24/7. Our metered release of online courses helps you keep up with the rest of the class and your grading results are immediate.


As surgical procedures become increasingly complex requiring advanced skills such as with robot-assisted surgery, quality trained Surgical First Assistants will find a stronger job market.

The Health Care Careers Directory 2010-2011, a publication issued by the American Medical Association, predicts that this career is poised for positive growth due to the increased demand for surgeries across-the-board.

Our various seminars – such as Suturing and Vessel Harvesting – that require on-campus education, have specialty-training areas, like our mock operating room, where you can experience realistic interactions. Our relaxed classroom setting and low student-to-instructor ratio gives you the attention and individual instruction you need.

As advocates of education, Key Access Institute, LLC® (Key) strives to help and encourage students to improve and grow. Our programs are specially developed to support working students prepare for a better life and offer more opportunities.

We are dedicated to teaching all levels of students, from those in the operating room setting or individuals wanting to refine their skills and further their current career potential.



Our history began with our founding CEO, Mary Valentine. She started with a surgical services company, Key Surgical Assistants of Texas, in 2004. However, as the business increased to accommodate growing demand, she realized that the quality of newly graduated assistants was not at the level of Key’s expectations.

Key Access Institute was founded in 2010 to offer higher education by creating customized training for the working student. The program and seminars we offer mean additional opportunities for graduates to advance in today’s job market.


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